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Lit-Colloquium’ Series 2 with Mr. Sentilong Ozukum

Published Date : 11/19/2021

The Department of English, Fazl Ali College, Mokokchung  organised the ‘Lit-Colloquium’ Series 2  on the topic ‘Silent Screams: Gender Issues in Naga Society’ with Mr. Sentilong Ozukum (SDO, Civil) as the Guest Speaker at the College conference hall on 20th November, 2021. The Speaker raised some common ‘Issues on Gender’ prevalent in Naga society and discussed them by drawing instances from real life incidences. The issues concerned ‘Question of Identity’ where the identity of a daughter is not fixed, and he questioned dual identity of a woman, identity by birth, and identity by marriage and it’s ramifications. Another issue was the ‘Inheritance of Property’ in Naga society on which Mr. Ozukum reiterated on how there should be a clear distinction between inherited and acquired property. ‘Domestic violence’ was another issue that was stressed and the importance of sensitizing and educating people on this matter and to come out of the social stigma posed by the society.   The issue on ‘Gender Inequality’ was also raised where he encouraged the representation of women in decision making bodies asserting that man cannot make decisions for women. ‘Customary Law’ was another issue of concern which was emphasized up on. A law which has not been codified and which is not woman-friendly needs to be re-interpreted and changed since culture is dynamic, he reiterated. Some other gender issues discussed were, ‘Gender Gap in Pay’, ‘Stereotyping’, ‘Sexual Exploitation’, ‘Discrimination in Employment Opportunities’, and ‘Lack of Economic Empowerment’. The programme ended with an interactive disquisition on the different issues.   

The programme was led by Ms. Imolemla of BA 5th Semester. A note of thanks was spoken by Ms. Bendangsenla Asst. Professor, Dept. of English. Along with the faculty, more than fifty students attended the Programme.